Phil Noelting

Phil is an entrepreneur focused on building actionable solutions to today’s largest issues. Phil likes to think big, and prefers working with other actionable big thinkers. In his words, “There is so much opportunity in the world, why limit yourself with your own thoughts?”

Phil’s current focus is on Qwalify, a SaaS-based HR technology company disrupting the talent sourcing space. Why? Unfortunately, hiring tends to be a reactive process, and the current benchmarks often leave employers settling for talent to meet deadlines.Proactive recruitment is here, and it’s only going to grow, so don’t just hire… Qwalify.

Phil loves traveling, and everything that it entails – new cultures, meeting new people, the photography, the food, the opportunities… Phil is devoted to see more of the world every year.

  • Company:Qwalify
  • Short Bio:CEO
  • www.qwalify.com
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