Aki Kakko

Aki is a serial entrepreneur currently emerged into the world of Big Data Analytics for HR. Creating several businesses previously in recruitment industry allowed him to gain the knowledge from different parts of Recruitment and HR world and use it to solve new industry challenges.

Aki´s current mission is to disrupt recruitment and HR and provide the solutions that would help society better understand job-seeking behaviors of the global workforce. He is a co-founder and Head of product of Joberate – predictive analytics technology platform for HR and Recruitment. It helps companies of all sizes to retain valuable employees and hire the best people.

Aki is also a partner in HR Unconference and #HRTechTank events aiming to become global conference brand and HR community organizing the most strategic HR events globally. Aki´s vision with this is to empower recruiters to do better hires with more advanced tools, services and deeper understanding. His ideas on HR and recruitment related topics can be heard publicly in speaking events as well as following him on  or you can connect in .

  • Company:Joberate, GlobalHRU
  • Short Bio:Co-Founder, Head of Product at Joberate, Partner at GlobalHRU (HR Unconference & HRTechTank)
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